Olymp – Return to the Olymp

OLYMP Bezner also cuts a perfect figure online

By launching their own eShop, OLYMP Bezner KG has achieved another milestone of digital strategy. Based on the Hybris Accelerator, communicode developed an interactive eCommerce platform for OLYMP, which was fully integrated into OLYMP’s system landscape. Far-reaching adjustments of the logistics and retour process were necessary and are part of the service-oriented shopping experience. Customer loyalty and customer acquisition as well as exploiting any savings potential were the defined project objectives.

  • Design and implementation of a completely new B2C shop
  • Quick, agile implementation in continuous coordination with the customer
  • Adjustment of SAP Hybris in fulfillment processes
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Close cooperation with different service providers

In cooperation with the OLYMP team, we continuously expand functionality and services, open additional markets and support online marketing activities towards automation.